3/20/15 | Al Jazeera America

On March 19, the United Nations human rights council heard evidence concerning the US failure to investigate and punish racial murders from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Al Jazeera America news anchor John Seigenthaler discussed the development with me on his Friday evening show.

12/18/13 | Al Jazeera English

In December 2013, I met up with daughters of 1964 racial murder victim Clifton Walker in Southwest Mississippi. Catherine, Shirley and I returned to the terrible spot where their father was ambushed and gunned down, on Poor House Road, outside Woodville, Miss. We were brought there by Al Jazeera English to discuss the case closure and the approaching fifty year anniversary of the murder.

8/24/10 | The Takeaway

Appeared as a guest, along with New York Times reporter Shaila Dewan, to discuss the FBI Cold Case Initiative and consider why so few of the cases are being pursued.