Ben Greenberg, c. 1974, Teaneck, NJ. (Photo by Alan Greenberg)Ben Greenberg, c. 1974, Teaneck, NJ. (Photo by Alan Greenberg)

I'm an investigative reporter who writes about unpunished racial murders and other racial terrorism from the 1940s, 50s and 60s in Mississippi and elsewhere in the South. My articles have appeared in NPR Codeswitch, Narratively, USA Today, Colorlines, Clarion-Ledger, Anniston Star, and elsewhere.

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I began as a blogger in 2004—originally to write about my father's involvement in the civil rights movement. I thought I was going to write a book about him but instead I found myself investigating murders because of him.

I moved over here to benlog.net in 2013 to simplify and be more focused on my journalistic preoccupations. And then, a few months in, I came full circle with a trove of letters between my parents in the early 50s, while my father was an American soldier in the Korean War.

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Once I started with the letters there was no stopping, so benlog.net is also the spot for this whole new project about my dad.

There's a bit more about all of this here. Sometimes I think it's true: all my friends are funeral singers.

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